Marmar Stone Factory

Marmar Stone Factory specializes in manufacturing, supplying and exporting marble and granite to all Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia, Jordan and others. It also provides all its customers with all kinds of Egyptian and imported marble and all the raw materials required for export such as:
Cloud tables / Polished tables / Marble and granite stairs / Wall marble / Ready kitchens / Marble bathroom sinks / Squares of different sizes.
There are many marble exporters in Egypt, but the Nefertiti factory is considered one of the cheapest marble and granite export factories in Egypt, as it provides you with the best price, a price that suits the needs of each customer when buying marble or granite and importing it from Egypt.

Our Product

Albuster Marble
Murano Marble
Travertine Marble
Travinx Marble
Golden Sinai Marble
Rubika marble
Sina Pearl
Alabaster marble